The Fiction I Enjoy

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Drake's Posts


Bernard Cornwall – Sharpe Series.

Throughout the course of the Napoleonic War rifleman Richard Sharpe, an English officer risen from the ranks, fights in the Duke of Wellington’s army. His path will take him from across Spain and Portugal and into France for the final climatic showdown with Napoleon himself at Waterloo.

Favourite Aspect: The constant brotherhood between the rogue and heroic English officer Richard Sharpe and his loyal and jovial Irish Sergeant Patrick Harper.


Sergei Lukyanenko – Nightwatch Series.

There is the Light and the Dark, as there always has been. It is the eternal war of good versus evil and it is happening right now, in modern-day Moscow. Light mages and dark sorcerers will battle for the very fate of our world, always in the shadows, always in the unnoticeable corners of our minds.

Favourite Aspect: The melding of a modern setting and the magic and monsters of fantasy.


Conn Iggulden – Emperor Series.

From young boy to mighty dictator, the journey of Julius Caesar to power and eternal glory. Mighty warriors and scheming senators become allies, enemies and betrayers, all caught in the legacy of one of the most famous generals and rulers of all time.

Favourite Aspect: The epic warfare of Julius Caesar which never becomes lost in its own scale but gives a brutal and vivid take on the ancient battlefields in Gaul, Britain and even Rome.




Supernatural Horror. Two brothers set out on the long road to find the demon that killed their mother when they were but children. During their journey they cross paths with ghosts, vampires, ghouls, demons and even God himself, saving as many innocent people as they can.

Favourite Aspect: The large collection of monsters they battle, the rock music soundtrack and of course the 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

Being Human:

Supernatural Drama. A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost, all living in the same house. Sounds like the beginning of a joke doesn’t it? This show delves into what is really means to be human and what lengths people will go through to protect the little humanity they have and regain what they have lost.

Favourite Aspect: The amazing writing and dialogue and the realism of three people who simply want to live on in peace.


Dark Comedy / Drama. A group of five young offenders are caught in a strange storm during their community service. They are gifted with powers that tie into their personalities although none are truly seen as gifts, especially when circumstances occur that could have them seen as murderers.

Favourite Aspect: Some of the dialogue has to be heard to be believed.




A general will become a slave. A slave will become a gladiator. A gladiator will defy and empire.

Favourite Aspect: The fierce and bloodthirsty battle and fight scenes which were the most vivid and realistic of their time.


Old Boy:

A man is kidnapped and locked in a room for fifteen years without knowing his captor’s motives. When he is unexpectedly released he begins a ruthless quest of vengeance to find answers to his imprisonment.

Favourite Aspect: The brutal alley hammer fight.


A Bridge Too Far:

World War 2: Operation Market Garden. The mission was to end the war by Christmas by seizing several important bridges. One would prove too costly.

Favourite Aspect: The sheer scale of the film, following the battle from so many viewpoints which may never be seen on film again.

  1. SuZy says:

    Good list, esp the inclusion of the Nightwatch Series and Misfits! Favourite character out of the ASBO 5?

    • Edward Drake says:

      Originally it was Nathan but Simon in the second series became more of a favourite. Both of them are brilliant characters and i like the friendship that has developed between them, especially the hug Nathan gave him when Si lost his virginity How about you?

  2. SuZy says:

    Kelly, simply cos of her attitude and that brilliant accent!!
    Its such a long wait for the 3rd series tho!!

  3. DarrenD says:

    Varied selection there. I remember watching the Sharpe series with my dad years ago!
    Good picks with Misfits and Being Human, both brilliant series! Not to spoil anything for anyone but howd you think they’ll fair with the changes for their next series?

  4. AdamD says:

    The Night Watch Series are some of my favourite books! Very dark and if you’ve ever been to Moscow the books capture the mod perfectly. The best modern fantasy iv read so!
    OldBoy is a brilliant film too and you pick out the right scene for your fav!!

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