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Posted: April 15, 2011 in Drake's Posts


This site is now available for viewing on mobile phones connected to the internet. This can viewed in two forms, the full version where you see all images and the more mobile friendly version where it is mainly just text.

Viewing on a mobile can be useful as the content can be viewed on the go if you fancied reading a quick short fiction.

Additionally, for those like me who spend most of their day in front of a computer screen and do not wish to spend more time before it, you can print off the short fiction. Again this can be used if you are about to travel and fancy something to keep you entertained, as something to read before going to sleep (although some of the action and horror probably make you more awake than dozy!) or simply if you fancy getting away from a computer monitor.

There is no charge for viewing or printing the content of this website.

If you wish to receive notification of when I will be posting new short fiction then you can simply subscribe to the website. There is no charge and you will not receive any junkmail or spam, only notices of any new posts by myself on the site.

As always keep the messages and comments coming in and if you have any requests for any short fiction let me know.

Edward Drake

  1. Chris says:

    After reading Betrayal I have printed off Darkest Sacrifice and Worthy of Knighthood for my train ride home.
    Cheers for putting them up and i look forward to reading them and getting some feedback to you.
    Cool image too!

  2. LauraHargreaves says:

    I did the same with the printoffs for my train ride home. I had Whirlwind, Love At Sunset and Before Your Eyes. I had tears in my eyes by the end any boyfriend was worried something was wrong when he picked me up!
    Seriously keep them coming though as I really enjoyed all 3!!xx

  3. Chris says:

    I read both Darkest Sacrifice and Worthy of Knighthood and they were both brilliant, real page turners.
    I look forward to your next short fiction upload!

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