Short Fiction: Betrayal

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Short Fiction

A new short fiction has been uploaded. Click on the following link to read more:

This is the first short fiction to be made by request, the idea coming from Paul Quinn.

Betrayal is set in a time in Earth’s future when man has travelled and populated much of the galaxy. Even during this time though there is corruption and crime. This tale follows the exploits of a small Police unit, stationed on the old decaying colony of our very own Moon. Sent out on what seems like a straightforward disturbance call, they quickly find that nothing is as it seems and they will need to fight for their very lives just to survive, let alone bring down their nemesis.

Warning: This story contains explicit scenes violence.

If there are any other requests for short fiction then please contact me or leave a comment.

  1. AdamC says:

    A very good read! I highly recommend and look forward to more instalments!

  2. JackD says:

    Great story, really enjoyed it.
    Am interested in requesting a story to be made as I keep thinking up ideas that I think are quite good but never have the time or patience to actually sit down and write them.
    Mr Quinn, great idea for the story. How much of it was your original idea and how much involvement were you allowed to make with the content? Were you permitted to read the story first before it was placed on the site? Most importantly are you happy with the end result?

    • Paul Quinn says:

      Hey JackD, its an idea that originally I had set up for other purposes and media’s (and it will still exist in those media’s) but such is the process of getting it through those other media’s I felt it would be good to have it go off from a different perspective and thus ed decided to spin his magic on it and yes I read it first and I thought I would have to dive in with finger wagging and plot/character tweaks but the story was too good and far exceeded expectations so was happy for it to exist in its present format.
      Im also very happy with end result and wish for mr drake to do more but it most likely will happen as part of deal for his new website I build 🙂

      • JackD says:

        Cheers Paul. Seeing as how much you were impressed and the quality of the work I’ve seen I’m definitely going to have to send in a request. I look forward to seeing what Ed can come up with.

  3. Will says:

    A very good read. Good suspense, gritty characters and great action.
    Looking forward to any sequels!

  4. Derek says:

    A really good bit of action!

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