Dreams: Where The Imagination Runs Wild: Dead Of Night

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Dreams

Night of the 26th April.

I am in a world where The Walking Dead and Supernatural meet.

Myself and a small group of survivors raid a nearby store for supplies (a B&Q). Whilst three of the group, myself included, searches the building two people stay behind, creating a base within a ring of salt that the dead cannot cross (Supernatural – although salt only deters ghosts usually).

Mere moments after our search begins we are attacked, first by fast running canine dead and then by the slower shuffling humanoids. Using the rifles we have found during our raid (B&Q now sells firearms apparently), we fight off the dead whilst running back to the ring of salt. Myself and one other make it back but the third is dragged away screaming by the growing horde.

This leaves the rest of us trapped in the protective circle as hundreds of the dead surrounded us. We are trapped….

  1. JackD says:

    I had a dream like this after seeing the walking dead. It was in a supermarket, no rings of salt though – that was quite random!

  2. Rosie says:

    I like how you call it a dream rather than a nightmare!!xx

  3. Chris says:

    Ha ha! I had such a similar dream the other night, including the ring of salt from Supernatural!!

  4. RickGrimes'sHat says:

    I had a dream just like this after seeing the Walking Dead on channel 5! Yes the horse didnt see survive either!!

  5. Edward Drake says:

    JackD, Yep, very random. Goes to show the inner workings of a madman!

    Rosie, Just another strange habit I seem to have – i always call them dreams.

    Chris, Very strange indeed. You don’t happen to be an inspiring author, living in London and stuck in dead-end job too do you?

    Hat, The horse always gets it!

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