Dreams: Where The Imagination Runs Wild: Nowhere To Run

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Dreams

Night of the 1st May


I am standing upon a grassy field, amongst a range of mountains and hills, looking over my village down below. My mates and I are playing football, the sun high above us in a cloudless sky. Then from down below we here a rumbling.

Beyond my village and atop a nearby hill is a power-station. Loud bangs and then sirens shatter the peace and I feel a terrible dread in the pit of my stomach. Then there is a flash of light and the biggest and most spectacular explosion I have ever seen. We watch on helplessly as my village is destroyed within seconds and an immense mushroom cloud rises high above.

We know the blast is approaching us. We can’t run. We can’t hide. All we can do is simply wait…

  1. Marie says:

    Very strange. They say that dreams of impending doom and death mean you’re anxious or really uncertain over something and it is really dwelling on your mind and thus invading your sleep.
    Hope you’re okay.x

  2. JaneyJ says:

    I had a dream quite similar to that a few weeks ago. Very scary…and I would definitely not call it a DREAM!!!!

  3. Carl says:

    Something must have been playing on your mind that night. Doubts about something in the future maybe?

  4. Edward Drake says:

    Marie, Janey J & Carl: Actually this dream came whilst I was down with abit of a fever. I remembered it so well as the colours of the explosion were so unreal and similar to the image above. It was strange to feel so helpless tho, a very unnatural and unnerving experience.

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