My Possessed Process Of Writing

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Drake's Posts

When I was a student at school, college and then university, I noticed something when I was assigned a project. An entity, a demon would possess me as soon as I was given the task title and the deadline. Immediately my mind would cloud, overwhelmed, and the possession took over. Although the work would not be due for weeks I would begin the research the night I was given the project. For hours I would search for information and ideas and decide upon the best course of action. I would gather each piece of the puzzle before setting it all down before me and shaping it into something I could use.

Then would begin the main task, writing it. Once began I could not let go, the demon driving me onwards. Sentences quickly became paragraphs, paragraphs became pages and pages became chapters. I would work for hours, days at time, never taking a break, skipping meals and losing entire days at a time.

Only once the project was complete would I surface. The entity would lift, my mind clear and free. The work would remain and I would spend the next few days reviewing it, making what alterations were needed. During my demon days I could easily miss and incorrectly spell words and even leave out entire sentences.

After this review I would then be left with the completed project, days or even weeks before it was due. Within that time I would hear from classmates how they were struggling with the timeframe or that they had left the work too late and piled the pressure on themselves too much. I never found that to be the problem.

This is still the case and has come in surprisingly handy with my writing. When an idea rises in my mind the possession still takes hold. I do not rest, eat or even sleep until the Short Fiction is complete or I have managed to complete a sizeable portion of a book. It is a strange curse, one that I still do not fully comprehend, but I would not give it up for anything. I only hope that my focus and drive remains with me as I continual this literary journey.

  1. JaneyJ says:

    I wish I had that when I was at school!!xx

  2. Ted says:

    I know what you mean, I’m kind of like that with my projects at work. Hours can absolutely fly-by without knowing.

  3. Marie says:

    I agree with Janey I wish I had that at school, or even at work now!!!

  4. RickGrimes'sHat says:

    Very strange but you do hear of people who focus just so much on the task at hand that everything else blurs in the background. Are you like that with other tasks?

  5. Ash says:

    Spooky but a good take on your passion and drive whilst writing.
    I bet you were the envy of your old classmates!

  6. JacksonB says:

    So how long would it take you to write one of your short fictions, say from idea to final product on the site?

  7. Edward Drake says:

    JaneyJ Ted & Marie: It is a gift and a curse as I am often late for things after losing track of time!!

    RickGrime’sHat, With other tasks I am annoyingly erratic. I’m a little too hyperactive and just can’t relax or sit still for five minutes. Even during a phone call I will have to walk around – managed a 2 mile walk once just around my flat! That’s why when I am focussed on work or writing it feels so strange – like an otherworldly force has taken over.

    Ash, Definitely felt the envy but I think they all thought that I was just abit of a geek or nerd.

    Jackson B, Ideas come to me all the time, but the strangest thing is I come up with the full story, characters and even some of the speech during my sleep (A Blog Post about this will be put up soon). Then the next day it takes about an hour or two to write a 5,000 word short fiction on the idea. Then there’s a read through and then uploaded onto the site – in total about 3 days around work and other things.

  8. BenM says:

    You come up with the story and characters in your sleep?!! Very intruiging and a sign of a very active imagination. I look forward to reading about how that functions!

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