Dreams: Where The Imagination Runs Wild: Nothing We Can Do

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Dreams

Night of the 19th May

I am standing in the kitchen of my flat with a mate from college who I haven’t seen in years. From the back window we have a clear view over most of London and witness something rising up into the sky, a stream of white smoke trailing in its wake. It is a space shuttle, lifting off from Central London as part of a test of new technology.

We then see black smoke emerge from one of the engines and the course of the shuttle change dramatically. Both of us can hear the screams of the people in the city as the vehicle begins to descend. We watch in shock and horror as the shuttle falls and crashes into the heart of London in a terrifying explosion that makes the ground tremor for miles, rocking my home as the force of the blast smashes the windows.

‘What can we do?’ asks my friend. I take out my mobile telephone to call for emergency services even though I know it is pointless. There is no signal anyway. ‘What can we do?’ I reply…

  1. Ali says:

    Very dark, especially for a dream. Am i right in thinking you live in London then?

  2. MXP says:

    Dreams of disaster and death show you have a burden on your mind. Is there something troubling you?

  3. Tsui says:

    Very dark indeed Mr Drake, especially with the recent bomb threats.
    Do you get these end-of-the-world type dreams often?

  4. Believer says:

    It’s a sign of the RAPTURE!!!

  5. JennyBale says:

    So you’ve had zombies, nuclear attack and now a disaster. I do have to wonder what’s next?
    Worldwide flooding? The sun exploding?

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