Short Fiction: My Curse

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Short Fiction

A new short fiction has been uploaded. Click on the following link to read more:

Everybody has a fault, a flaw that lingers throughout their life, a weakness that they wish they could change.

This is mine.








This is available to read on the link above and can be printed so that you can read the short fiction in your own time.

As always please leave a comment letting me know what you think and subscribe if you wish to receive free notifications of my next uploads.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Ray Frazer says:

    Makes me realise how little I really have to complain about. Thanks for the upload.

  2. Julia says:

    A very telling and moving piece which actually had me further on the edge of me seat the further i read. Thanks for putting this up.

  3. Annie says:

    A member of my family suffers from a similar condition and it has meant a lot to us to read from someone else who endures as we are.
    Thanks for putting this up.x

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