The Warrior’s Journey Begins

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Drake's Posts


Finally the wait is over…

Released today on Amazon for Kindle,  and other formats, and Book Sanctuary is my first novel, Destiny, book one of The Warrior’s Journey series.

It is a time of blades, beasts and the darkest arcane.

The land of Castille is far from peaceful, its tyrannical ruler abuses his power as the nation falls into ruin, a civil war looming ever closer. Dark cults lurk in the shadows as sinister plots are set into motion.

Across the realms approaches something far darker and far more terrifying. Fire and rock descend from the heavens, long extinct creatures stalk the lands from the blackest nightmares and cities crumble as the ground quakes. Civilisations burn, wiped from existence as entire generations are lost. Castille will be next.

Soldiers, knights, mages, all will be called upon to face this evil and protect the people. From the chaos a group will form. A tournament champion, a tainted innocent, a pair of runaway slaves, an escaped murderer and a mysterious sorcerer. Each has their own secrets, their own tales, but when called upon they will fight to the last. Garrick Chilver, the champion of Salerna, will lead them and it is his journey, his destiny that will decide the fates of so many.

The warrior’s journey begins.

Destiny is available from the following sites:

A sample of Destiny is available on the following page:

  1. Rosie says:

    Can’t recommend the full book enough!! After seeing the sample on this site I waited eagerly and was not disappointed! Cant wait for the next in the series!!

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