The Warrior’s Journey – One Month On

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Drake's Posts


It is one month to the day that Destiny was unleashed upon the world in all its glory and I am astounded by the reception it has received so far.

When I wrote Destiny I was happy just to publish it in some form. For people to be purchasing and leaving 5 Star reviews has left me utterly shocked and for that you all have my thanks.

A few of the comments Destiny has received so far:

”I recommend this book to any who like good actioners – not just fantasy fans.”

”The characters are really believable and the action makes you want to keep on reading. The emotional parts had me in tears – a good thing!”

”Highly recommended, bring on book two!”

”If you like Game of Thrones, any of the Forgotten Realms or even Dragonage or Skyrim or even just a good actioner with heroes, knights and terrible beasts, this is for you.”


Destiny is available from the following sites:

A sample of Destiny is available on the following page:


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