The Warrior’s Journey Continues

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Drake's Posts

Finally the wait is over.

Released today on Amazon for Kindle,  and other formats is the second novel in The Warrior’s Journey series, Darkness.

The lives the people of Castille had known are gone. Their cities have been ravaged, loved ones taken and long thought extinct beasts and demons have risen from the darkness.

The Brotherhood of Guardians, the corrupt cult of enforcers, have made their warning and are making their presence felt amongst the carnage.

The Paladins, a sect of chaotic mages, led by the supreme sorcerer Morrigan, are bent on reclaiming an ancient forgotten power and are marching across the realms, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Castille is next.

But there is still hope. Though scattered and vastly outnumbered, Garrick Chilver and the heroes and knights of Castille will fight on, to piece back together their shattered homeland. Each will face their own demons and their courage, honour and loyalty will all be pushed to breaking point: in the besieged citadel of Rheins they will battle to save all they hold dear.

The Warrior’s Journey continues.

A preview of Darkness can be found at the following:

Available at:


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