The Chaos Rages On

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Drake's Posts

It has been a crazy few months and there is no sign of stopping any time soon. This is just a brief update of what I am upto and plan for the coming months.

Following the release of Destiny near the end of last year I was spurred on by the great reviews and the fantastic response I received for my first release. This provided the drive I needed to complete Darkness, second book in The Warrior’s Journey series, which was released earlier this year. Then came the release of Day of Demons, a dark fantasy/horror anthology created by Colin F Barnes in which I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the contributors.

Now, six months following the release of my first novel, Destiny, I have various projects on the go.

The Warrior’s Journey: Origins is due out in the very near future, a collection of three short stories following the lives of several of The Warrior’s Journeys lead protagonists and their lives before the events of Destiny. Keep an eye out for the release of this in hopefully the next month or so.

Hope, book three in The Warrior’s Journey series, is roughly two-thirds complete. It is taking me slightly longer to complete than I thought as I want to ensure that it is as good as it possibly can be before being released into the wide world. For me Hope is definitely the best of the series so far and I do not want to risk its quality by rushing it. When it is near completion I will certainly let you know.

Outlaws, a novel set in the very near future regarding the lives of those effected by the rising crime rate of Britain, is currently being reviewed by my publisher Book Sanctuary so this may very well be my next release. It is a completely stand alone story that I wrote whilst living in London and is the most harrowing, hard-hitting and realistic novel I have written to date. I am very proud of its story and am eager to see what others make of it.

Lastly is my latest project. Following the release of Day of Demons a number of reviews stated that they would be eager to read further tales that either followed on from my story Cost of Glory or showed the events that led to the story. I am currently doing both, writing an anthology of short stories which show the life of Marek Stormheart before and after the climatic events in Covehold during Cost of Glory. I am using any spare time outside of work and writing Hope to add additional tales to this anthology and will let you know if it will ever rise from the darkness to see the cold light of day.

On the following you will find an interview between myself and my publisher Book Sanctuary, covering areas such as my current workings and my latest release in The Warrior’s Journey series, Darkness:

The following are links to my story from both Amazon sites.

Destiny, Book One of The Warrior’s Journey:

Darkness, Book Two of The Warrior’s Journey:

Day of Demons, Anthology:

Destiny, Book One of The Warrior’s Journey:

Darkness, Book Two of The Warrior’s Journey:

Day of Demons, Anthology:


You can also borrow my books for free via Kindle if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.


As always thank you all so much for your comments and reviews of my work. It is they that truly drive me on to continue to write so please keep them coming.

Lastly, if you fancy a chat find me on twitter at:!/EdDrakeFiction

Thank you for your time and I will see you around soon.



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