The Warrior’s Journey: Origins

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Drake's Posts

Available free via Book Sanctuary is The Warrior’s Journey: Origins.

Origins is a collection of three short stories following the lives of the main characters of The Warrior’s Journey series before the events of the first book, Destiny.

Courage chronicles Garrick Chilver and Darhius Samia’s training with the army of Castille. They have been enemies since childhood, but in the brutal trials of combat a friendship will be forged in blood and flame.

Honour shows the life of Hayden Braav before his imprisonment, when he had a happy and loving family. His joy is shattered in one fateful night that will change his fate forever.

Loyalty charts the journey of Freya and Detrel Aurus, their banishment as star-crossed lovers, their search for safety and their enslavement. Their love for each other holds them strong, even in the face of the living death.

All covers are the fantastic artwork of Paul Quinn (

The following link will take you straight through to the Book Sanctuary website where you will be one click away from obtaining the Origins Collection. No registration, no fee, no cost, just three epic short stories that give more insight into the characters of The Warrior’s Journey and are independent stories in their own right.

Click to being your journey: 


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