New Beginnings & The Future

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Drake's Posts



To say that the past few months had been busy would be an understatement.

With work and other personal projects taking centre stage it has not left much time for everything else. To summarise, work, home, family and even my sporting challenges have undergone drastic changes and swings in fortune. As of today, fortune smiles and that is how I aim to keep it.

And so to writing and first I must give my thanks to the e-publishers Book Sanctuary. They were the first to give me a chance and to prove myself as a writer, promoting Book One and Two of The Warrior’s Journey series and the Origins collection of short-stories.

Now it is with a heavy heart that I must part company from Book Sanctuary. I thank them for the chance they gave me and the time invested in my work and I would recommend any young and newly-started writer to approach them and submit their work.

I however am moving on to new pastures. I received an offer from a publisher that I simply could not refuse, a chance to take The Warrior’s Journey to a whole new market, and therefore a choice was made.

Again I thank Book Sanctuary for all they did for me and I wish them all the luck in the world, but now I must look to the future.

The Warrior’s Journey is currently undergoing a vast re-edit to make ready for publication again. As well as this I have one or two projects still up my sleeve, plenty to keep me busy during this exciting time.

More details are to follow shortly of my new releases, big and small, with the new publishers. It is a whole new beginning, a new start and chance, one that I will take with both hands and cannot wait to fully get started with.

Thank you for your time once again.



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