My name is Edward Drake and this is neither the beginning nor the end of my journey.

Although I have tried various careers over the years I am always brought back to writing.

It is an activity like no other and provides an escape where literally anything can happen.

There are no limits, no rules and no boundaries.

For me  it has always been because I want to write something that I myself would read. Diverse and detailed characters, compelling plots, heart-stopping action and real emotions.

I have begun this site to showcase some of the short stories and previews of the longer books i have written.

My main pieces of work are The Warrior’s Journey series. These are epic fantasy novels, set in a fictional medieval time of knights, demons and sorcerers. I have completed the first entry, Destiny, and the second, Darkness, and am now working on the third with fourth and final entry in the series fully planned out. This series began as a means to avoid revising for my studies, after numerous rewrites and reboots I am finally working on something I can really be proud of.

I have also completed the Outlaws book, a look at how people react when society and the justice system fails them, where the streets are unsafe and innocent people are afraid to leave their own homes. This book revolves around the lives of four very different people and their struggles in a dangerous and deceitful world. This book originated from a short-story I wrote a few years ago, a way of voicing some of the injustices that had been done to myself and expelling some of my own demons. With encouragement I have finally written the full story. 

Alongside these main books I have written a series of short fiction, stories that cover a range of genres and situations. I am attempting to add to this collection and include as many examples from as many different scenarios as possible. 

Please comment on any of the material you see here.

If you wish to read additional chapters from any of the longer books or receive notifications regarding when new short stories are available on the site, please subscribe. You will not receive any junkmail or spam from me as i have absolutely no interest in the stuff. I am merely trying to provide a service and to get these stories out into the general public. 

Additionally if you wish to submit any of your own work to be presented on this site, do contact me.

  1. Charlie says:

    Have you attempted to get published before?

    • Edward Drake says:

      I tried a few years ago but even I will admit my work wasn’t good enough back then.
      Since then there have been a few close calls but it all seems to fall through at the end.
      Now I’m looking into the whole writing business again and am going to use this site as a base for examples of my work. If it leads to getting published that would be great but for now I’m happy just getting work out for people to see.

  2. Chris says:

    You really should try getting published.
    TWJ sounds like it could definitely sell as would any of the short fiction if you turned them into full books.

  3. Edward Drake says:

    Thanks Chris. I may try again someday but for now I’m just happy writing the short fiction and completing TWJ series.

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